The unthinkable is happening and happening everyday.  The pillars of America business along with Americans are failing.  It will be a miracle over the next ten years  to avoid a deep depression and extreme inflation.  The way of life and American life style is in crises as well.  When it comes to this crazy economic environment I'm going to:  

  • Share what's happening
  • What's going to take place
  • What to do about it to secure your financial future
  • My four-hundred plus clients are prospering and will prepared
  • I teach about sound investments that will protect their standard of living and purchase power
  • Five to eight percent annuity returns and in an income rider of their investments
  • No matter what happens in the economy you will have peace of mind.

Veterans Workshop

Since 1952 the Veterans Administration has provided assistance up to 23,000 per year for home assisted living and nursing care for the veterans and their spouses.  This workshop will teach you the procedures on how to qualify or just as importantly the preplanning tools for the day you will need this very important benefit.

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 America in Crisis





Choosing the right vehicle for retirement can be difficult... To ensure the safety, security and NO risk on your investment requires a Financial Advisor. Planning for today and for your future Schedule your NO OBLIGATION appointment today.

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