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We would like to introduce you to a life changing Veterans benefit you may be eligible to receive.  This is the Aid and Attendance Pension funded by Congress each year, according to Section 38 of The United States Code. This lifetime benefit is available for Veterans and their spouses aged 65 and above and is used to reimburse various Long Term Care Expenses.

Unfortunately, most Veterans are not taking advantage of this benefit.  Nearly two million veterans or their widows are missing out on as much as $4.6 billion dollars a year in pensions from the US Government (only seven hundred million is currently being used annually).  This is because the Department of Veterans Affairs has had minimal success in promoting this program and also most Veterans have never heard of this benefit or don't know how to access it.

We are Horizon Senior Advisors and through our association with AmeriVets we help Veterans and their spouses to access this benefit.  There are two categories of Veterans.  The pre-qualifying Veterans for this benefit if they are not in immediate need and the qualifying Veterans that are in immediate need.  We work with a sense of urgency for both categories of Veterans.  The application can take up to eight months and is retroactive from the date the Veterans Administration receives the application.  Benefits are for assisted living and home and nursing care. 

How Much Money Is Available


Type of Veteran(s)

Per Month

Per Year

Over 5 Years

Married Veteran




It would take $700,000 in an investment earning 3.5% to match this benefit.

Type of Veteran

Per Month

Per Year

Over 5 Years

Single Veteran




It would take $600,000 in an investment earning 3.5% to match this benefit.

Type of Veteran

Per Month

Per Year

Over 5 Years

Surviving Spouse (Non-Veteran)




It would take $400,000 in an investment earning 3.5% to match this benefit.

Upon qualifying the veteran and spouse, regardless of assets, we will then put you in contact with our AmeriVets Administration Attorneys, who have a 100% success rate in qualifying you or your spouse for these benefits.  Our organization has placed over 1,2000 people to date.  We are your advocate in obtaining the Aid and Attendance Pension and we will not charge you a fee. 

There are Veterans who do know about this Pension, have applied for it and been denied due to not going through the correct application procedure; this is what we specialize in.  In fact, 84% of Veterans that pursue this pension on there own get declined.  Please be advised that it takes 6-8 months to receive Veterans Pensions.  If it is declined the claimant has one (1) year from the date of the "denial" letter which is stamped on the letter to appeal his/her case on the same issues originally presented an upon which the claim was denied.  The denial letter must be stamped with a date which begins the clock.  If a claimant has new facts (i.e. change of name) to present, he/she may request a rehearing within one year.  If you are not familiar with the application process then you would be better served by using us.  Our organization has a 100% success rate with over 1200 applications in the last 4 years.

Most Veterans are in the pre-need stage.  It is imperative that you plan for these benefits in advance.  According to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), 62% of Veterans and their spouses will receive some type of Long Term Care at some point in their lives.  We would like to schedule an appointment with you to evaluate your needs and start the pre-need or post-need process.  A copy of your marriage certificate and honorable discharge is all that is needed for your first appointment.

As your Veteran's Advocate, we look forward to working with you.

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