"We base our feelings off of first impressions. But we even went one step further; we spoke with family friends, even the State Attorney General's office, about annuities and Dave Mello. We can share with you that doing business with Dave was the right thing for us to do."
Don & Vera - Carson City, NV

"The stock market scared us; our CD was guaranteed but was fixed and taxable. Dave secured our investments with a handsome first-year return and saved us a substantial amount of money with a new prescription and Medical Supplement Plan.
Dave & Janice - Minden, NV

"The preservation of our investments was paramount. Dave removed our retirement from harm's way (the stock market) and created a secure, safe return, which gave us peace of mind."
Larry & Pam - Reno, NV

"We have IRAs and 401Ks. Because of corporate dishonesty and Mutual Fund management irresponsibility, we had Dave show us a blueprint to protect our investments while contributing to a sustainable future".
Jim & Patricia - Minden, NV





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